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Other Helpful Resources and Websites

Don't know what makes for an "authoritative, good" website? Check out our guide to internet resources.


Farmer's Almanac

Websites, General (Fact-based)

CIA - The World Factbook: 
Facts and information about all countries in the world.  The site is run by the CIA.  
Federal and State Statistics: 
This government website compiles statistical data from many federal agencies.
Khan Academy:
An extensive video library, this site includes lessons and practice exercises on biology, physics, chemistry, math (arithmetic to calculus), and the humanities.
Internet Public Library: 
Maintained daily by librarians, this site includes quality sources arranged by subject and keyword.  It also has a variety of special collections.
FreeDocumentaries Many political documentaries, available legally and for free through this non-profit organization. Includes Michael Moore's films.
Internet Movie Database
Librarians Internet Index
Library of Congress Digital Collections
Virtual Library Museums

Periodicals and Newspapers

Boston Globe (1872-1925)*
Boston Globe (1980-1996)
Boston Globe(1997-present)
The New York Times (1851-2005)*
The New York Times (1980-current)
Massachusetts Newsstand (Massachusetts newspapers, including Boston Globe and Boston Herald)
World News Digest
Newspapers and Magazines from around the World:  The Internet Public Library has compiled links to major newspapers around the world.

Primary Sources

American Folklife Center (Part of the Library of Congress)
Holocaust Museum Collections and Archive 

Art, Architecture, and Music

Great Buildings
This architecture website can be searched by keyword and features architecture and architects.  Information includes history, images, blueprints, commentary, and more.
International Musical Score Library Project (ISMLP) - Petrucci Music Library:  
The ISMLP is a collaboritive international music wiki.  The Petrucci Music Library has free downloadable PDF copies of musical scores.  Browse by compser, time period, genre, or instrument.  Recordings are a recent addition to the site.  

Digital Images

Library of Congress - Prints & Photographs Online Catalog:  
This site is home to more than 1 million images ranging from famous American photographers like Ansel Adams, to ancient Japanese works of art, to propaganda posters, and even to baseball cards.  
Life Magazine Digital Photo Archive:  
Hosted by Google, this freely accessed archive contains Life Magazine archival images going back to 1750.
New York Public Library's Digital Image Gallery:  
This free site provides access to the NYPL's more than 700,000 digitalized images, ranging from photographs, historic maps, rare manuscripts and posters.  
World Digital Library:
Significant primary source materials from around the world can be found here.  This site is supported by the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.  The untranslated content contains digitalized manuscripts, maps, photographs, silent videos, etc.  


United States History

Library of Congress Digital Collections & Programs
The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world.  It has begun the process of digitalizing the collection to preserve and provide worldwide access to these rare items.  All collections have images, print, and audio-visual materials and primary sources. 
American Memory Project:
According to their website, the "American Memory provides free and open access through the Internet to written and spoken words, sound recordings, still and moving images, prints, maps, and sheet music that document the American experience." The LOC runs it in collaboration with many other participating institutions. 
Map Collections:
This site is home to copies of current and historical maps, including maps from military battles, historical explorations, etc.
Information about both Houses of Congress, past and present, with links to the Law Library and U.S. Congressional history can all be found here.  It includes legislation, voting records, and much more.
National Archives:  
Original historical documents have been scanned and are accessible free online.  

World History

Ancient History Sourcebook:  
A compilation of links to primary sources from this time period.  Great site (no longer updated).
Medieval History
The links to Medieval resources at various universities (accessible without passwords) are stored at this site.

Science & Medicine

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 
Information about health, diseases, and viruses, as tracked by the CDC. 
Medline Plus: 
Authoritative information about health, diseases, and medical research is provided by the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.  The NIH conducts medical research.

BPL eCard

Boston Public Library eCards* are virtual library cards that will allow you immediate remote access to all the online resources available via the BPL's website, including databases, downloadable audio, video and music. Signing up for an eCard is easy, just click here and fill in the necessary information.