Faculty Instructions: Inserting Links to ASGMT Calendars in Power School

Starting in Fall 2011, parents will now access your assignment calendars through Power School. As a teacher, you will update these links at the start of the term using the Power School Gradebook.


Step by Step Instructions

1.       Locate the ASGMT calendar under your My Calendars section. Click on the arrow to the right of the calendar name in the list, and select Calendar Settings.


2.       Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the Calendar Address section. Click on the HTML box (highlighted in sky blue).  


3.       A pop-up box will appear containing a URL to your calendar. Highlight this link, right click on it, and copy it.  

Note: By using this private address, you are giving anyone with the link access to see the events  on a calendar in the web browser (no Google Apps account required and no log ins!). This does not give parents access to make changes, edit, etc.

You MUST share your assignment calendars and make them public in order for parents to see them in Power School. 


4.       Next, visit http://powerschool.bcdschool.org/teachers and log into your account.


5.       Click on the Gradebook link in the left sidebar. Scroll down the page and click the Launch the Gradebook button. 


6.       You will be prompted to Open a java application to your machine. Once it has finished downloading,  the launchgradebook.jnlp will launch Gradebook will load on  your laptop.

Note: If you don’t use the Gradebook, Power School will ask you permission to launch a Java application on your machine. Accept  

this request by clicking the Allow button. 

7.       Once the Gradebook loads, navigate to the top left corner. You will see a drop down list that contains the classes you teach. From this list, select the same class for which you copied the ASGMT link by clicking on its name. It should be highlighted blue.


8.       Click the Class Content tab and then click the +link button. 



9.       Paste the ASGMT link in the URL box. Under the Link Text box, name your link “(Class Name) Assignment Calendar” (ex. Physics Honors Assignment Calendar) and hit OK.



10.   You will now see a whole bunch of code in the Description box. Click the Save button and you have successfully added a link to your ASGMT calendar in Power School for Parents.  

You will repeat these steps for EACH class ASGMT calendar you have. It is important that you include links to new classes you teach at the beginning of its first term. Parents will now use Power School to view assignments and due dates so you must keep this up to date.