Faculty Professional Development 2010

Task 1: Introduction

Video, "Why it's important to participate in this summer work" by Nancy Caruso

Task 2: Classroom Management with Laptops

Read the following articles on how and why classroom management changes with the introduction of the laptop:

Getting Attention in the Laptop Classroom by Jamie McKenzie, 2008  
                     From Now On, The Educational Technology Journal ( http://fno.org/nov08/attention.html )

      One-to-One Computing and Classroom Management by Mike Hasley, 2007
                        From Tech & Learning ( http://www.techlearning.com/article/7638 )

Now, answer the following questions on how your perception of classroom management has changed with the introduction of laptops:

Task 3: How does participation change with laptops?

Participation and Laptops.

Task 4: How do we become better digital citizens?

Read the following article on how to become a better digital citizen:

            Cyberbullying: Supporting School Staff, Childnet International
                    Teachernet UK, 2009

Task 5: Privacy and Digital Life

            The limits of online communication and our online persona by James Fellows
                    Atlantic Monthly, June 2010

            Creating the ultimate password, Microsoft

            What goes online, stays online by David Bradley
                   Science Base, 2009

**Bonus: Digital Privacy Blog to keep you posted on ideas, thoughts, and tips for staying safe in a digital environment, Techland by Barton Gellman

Task 6: Response to Changes with Google and Organization

Watch this short instructional video on sharing folders and how it will change your classroom.

YouTube Video

Task 7: Assessing Google Sites 1 year on.

Teacher Sites: Assessing What Worked and Didn't

Task 8: The Student Handbook.

This sprint the Student Handbook went through a major editing. Your task is to read it. There are two forms of the handbook - pick the form that works best for you.
PDF Version
Website Version


Task 9: Your Personal Philosophy on Teaching and Technology.

You will write a paragraph on your philosophy on teaching with technology in the classroom. This will be known as your "Mission". From this "Mission", you will develop a "Mantra". The mantra, one sentence, will embody (even symbolically) your mission statement.

The goal is to provide you with a personal idea on how you use technology in the classroom to enhance the experience of your students.

Lisa Brown has so kindly created a Mission and Mantra to act as a "Guide" for you in this Task. You will see her mission and mantra below in order to understand how you might go about developing and writing your own.

Please read her Mission and Mantra here.

Creating a Technology Mission and Mantra.

Task 10: Quit cold turkey. Live without technology for a day.

A day without Technology