Fax From Your Mac

First, install the FAX driver which can be found here.
Install it like you would a printer, using the IP address, only choose the FAX driver when you select the driver to use. Canon iR 1024/1025 FAX (US)

In your document (Google Docs) click the print icon and select “Print Using System Dialog” at the bottom.
*If you don't have Cloud Print enabled, skip to the next step.

On the next screen select the FAX driver you just installed.  In the middle of the window select General Settings from the pull-down menu, and click Add Destination to enter the fax number.

Alternatively, you can click Address Book if you have numbers already stored.  Simply select the number you want and click the blue arrow to add it to your destination list, then click OK.

You will be taken back to the General Settings window where you will click Print to send your fax.