Google Docs and Noodlebib: Footnotes

Once you have created a citation list in Noodlebib, you are ready to insert those sources into your Google Docs paper as footnotes.
Video tutorials coming soon!

1. You'll be working with both Noodlebib and Google Docs at the same time. Start by opening your Google Document in one tab of your browser, and Noodlebib in another so they are both
quickly available.

2. Locate your citation list in Noodlebib. Select the Print/Export Option and Choose Google Docs.

NOTE: The first time you export to Google Docs, it will ask you to "Grant Access" to your Google Docs account. Allow the access and every time you use this function again in Noodlebib, a Google Doc list of your sources will automatically open.

3.  Noodlebib will then export your citation list into a Works Cited list in Google Docs. You can save this list to use when adding your footnotes, and you can keep it open and copy and paste citations into your footnotes.

4. When you are ready to insert a footnote in your paper, select the appropriate source from your Works Cited list. Highlight the citation and copy it.

NOTE: You need to use the shortcut keys for copying and pasting with Google Docs. For a PC: ctrl + c (copy) and ctrl + v (paste). For a MAC: apple key + c (copy) and apple key + v (paste)

5. Once you have copied the citation, open the tab containing your paper. Find the location you want your footnote and click your cursor. Select the Insert function and choose Footnote.