Google Sites II


Class Agenda and Expectations
Watch a Video on What Makes an Interactive Teacher Site:

Mechanics of Interactive Site Building

Task 1: View the Science 7 Site Example.
Compare and contrast the Density of Water Static and Interactive Pages. How do they differ?
Why might an "interactive" site be more advantageous?

Task 2:  Embed this Youtube Video using the Insert > Video function.

Task 3: Watch Why qWiki?

Task 4: Embed a qWiki of your choice using qwiki's embed code and the html button
Task 5: Watch Why Pearl Trees?

Task 6: Embed this Pearl Tree 

Other Gadgets/Apps

*In this section we will be using the Insert Function. Besides the Picasa Slideshow, we will use the Insert > More Gadgets... function and search for the items we want, like iframe wrapper of mp3 player.

Task 8: The Power of the iFrame Wrapper Gadget to...
    embed this Google Presentation using the same iframe wrapper 

Task 9: Download Picasa 3 and embed a Picasa album using the Insert> Picasa Web Slideshow function

Play Time

-Create a Pearl Trees account and make Pearls
-Discuss ideas for interactive units with faculty in class
-Play! and Ask Away!