Download the EBeam Software:



Download the software from the site

1.    Go to

2.    At the top right corner of the screen, click on Portal

3.    Log in if you have already created an account.  If not, please create one

4.    Once logged in, Request to join one of our groups (click on the email button)

5.    Highlight the educators group indicating your preference to join this group.

    If pressing the email button does not open your mail client to send an email use open your email and compose an email with the following:


        subject: Please add me to the following group

       Copy and paste the text below into the body of your email. Change: (fill in your e-mail). to your email address. Change XXX (fill in you group) to Educator.

|----------------------------------------------------copy below                             
I have created an account on the eBeam Portal using the following e-mail (fill in your e-mail).

I would like to be part of the XXX (fill in you group) Group.

Please choose one of the following group choices in your request:
• Business User    
• Educator    
• International Distributor or Reseller    
• US Rep or Reseller    
• OEM Partner

|----------------------------------------------------copy above

6.    Once you are granted access to this group, you will have access to the software.

    You will receive an email opening up a support ticket about your request for access.

    You will receive a second email approving your request. Mine took about 1 hour.

    Return to

    Log in

7.    Under the Files Library on the left side of the screen, select software downloads.

8.    Down load the eBeam Education Suite (choose either PC or MAC)

9.    Do not use any Beta versions at this time.

EBean Software User Manual

            PC Version

            Mac Version