How To Use Blogger

1.    At the top of your mailbox click more > even more.  Scroll down the list and click Blogger.

2.    Sign in with your BCDS email and password.

3.    Create a display name that others will see when they visit your blog.

4.    Select gender and check to accept the terms of use policy.

5.    Click Continue, which will take you to your Dashboard.

6.  Click Create a Blog.

7.  Give your Blog a title and type the URL others will use to visit your blog.  Click Check Availability to make sure the address is available, then enter the string of characters that are nearly impossible to read.

8.  Click Continue.

9. Choose a template.  You can change it later so let’s just use the default for now.

Click Continue.
You may need to fill out some profile information so go ahead and do that, then click Continue.

11. Click the Start Blogging button on the following page, which will take you back to your Dashboard.
Note:  It may take you directly to the Post page.

12.  Click New Post.

13.  Give your post a title, which will appear at the top of each post.

Type your post and click Preview to see what others will see when they visit your blog.

15.  Go back and click Publish Post!