iL@b 2013: Teaching and Technology

Getting Started:
  • Introductions:
    • Name, Department, Question: What is one thing on your bucket list?
    • What do you know (think you know) about Beaver and its use of technology? Padlet
      • How would you use Padlet in the classroom?
    • Immediate Questions?

Starting with Google Tools:
  • Fist of 5 Google Tools?
  • Google Calendar:
    • Your schedule: Setting it  up, Making Group Meetings, Sharing Calendars
    • Course Calendars: Two versions of HW

        How do you see using Google documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, and websites?

        Do you have any specific questions about these particular tools?

Examples of Class Experiences:
  • Projects from some of the Beaver Teachers
           How do you see using these tools?
           What do you want to use now?

Copyleft vs. Copyright from Robin Neal, US English Teacher/Technology Integration Specialist:

  • When publishing images online, we must CITE our source and use a COPYLEFT image (a.k.a. "open source" or "creative commons")
    • CompFight Search Tool: Remember to click the Creative Commons tab until it reads "ON"
    • Stock Exchange: My favorite copyleft site! I often use it because you can search by theme or by designer. A free account is required.
  • Advanced Settings in Google Image Search. Click on GEAR in upper right corner; choose "advanced settings"; and scroll down to "usage rights"
    • The Morgue Files: A morbid name but this site is filled with high-resolution, striking images.
    • Flickr-The Commons: A great source for photographs that are part of the historical record and acceptable to use.
    • Royalty-free music: You can't use copyrighted music for your class projects. Use copyleft music instead.
  • Explore copyleft vs. copyright issues in the classroom even further:

Fill out this Google Form:
  • What is one concrete goal you have for the first term?
  • How could technology help you? Which do you have in mind, perhaps?
  • How can the technology integration specialists (Melissa & Robin) help you with this goal?

Long List of Tech Tips & Resources:
"Collaborative Professional Development Network."

PadLet: Digital space for collaborative brainstorming & blank collaboration wall

Voocaroo: easiest online voice recording tool.

Wiki: Space on the web where teacher and student collaborators can create an interactive platform for course content

Wordpress & Blogger: Online blogging tools for individual blogs, class blogs, scribe blogs, and parent blogs Sizzling way to revamp the classic presentation

Animoto: With an educator account, students can create compelling video slideshows

Flickr: Online photo gallery with caption abilities that allow you to explore class content and visual media

Youtube: Not just to play funny videos, but allows students to broadcast their videos to a wider public audience

Diigo: Online annotator

Membeam: New way to learn vocabulary

PearlTrees:  Share, organize, gather your favorite sites and interests

Qwiki: Create short stories videos about a specific topic or watch one generated for your searched topic by online wiki sources.

Classroom response system, take instant polls, give quizzes, break down barriers to participation

Exploratree: Online database of thinking guides and templates

Popplet: A place for your ideas.  Mind Mapping, Organizing, etc.

BetterLessons: Online Lesson planning resource and sharing of curriculum by discipline and grade level

Timetoast: Online timeline generator

Glogster: Infographic maker, mural generator, visually appealing collages

Gliffy: Create diagrams, graphs, tables, visual layouts

Good: Search through infographics on various topics and subjects

Scratch: Create and share interactive stories, art, and games

Sketchup: Use advanced 3D modeling to create presentations, displays, and prototypes

Blurb: Create online photobooks and portfolios