Internal Library Information


(also located on homepage of Bibliotech Learning Space -- first section on right "search for books" link)

Administrative Tasks (cataloging, patron records, MARC records, circulation)
Login Information
Username: admin
Password: boca raton

*M5 Oasis is entirely cloud based. You can go to it from any computer, on any network, log in, and make changes to the catalog using the above admin information


Technical Support Contacts


(800) 426-7477 Toll-free -- for tech support, press 4.

(561) 995-4010 Local

(561) 995-4065 Fax


Technical Support:

How To
Edit Bibliographic and Holdings Records - updating the Genre Tags


Most offered yearly through MBLC
Yearly links available here*:
Gale Location ID from MBLC: mlin_m_beaver

*fill out yearly form to show you are a library, with a librarian (this alerts them you are an existing library and custom links will be entered into their "find your library" database)

Remote Access Links
should be checked at the start of every school year

IP Address Ranges to Provide Databases for on campus access without login: -

Purchased Databases

EBSCO Discovery
Admin access
username: s8833303
password: boca raton
security (favorite animal): beaver

Infobase Learning
    Issues and Controversies
    Science Online
    Today's Science
Lexis Nexis
NY Times Site License
Social Explorer

Vendor Information

Book Ordering Accounts 
    Username: BCDSlibrary ; password: 1234library

Amazon Prime (+ our own cataloging -- Sandy knows how to do this) *we regularly do this to get books in quick, especially replacements for books already cataloged (then all you need to do is add a holding record to a pre-existing bibliographic record)

Junior Library Guild (yearly subscription -- I renew in May)
23+ new titles a month for 12 months a year; you can pick your categories 
*you can decide to reorder this or not; I've found it super useful for collection development and the selections are based off of preview of School Library Journal reviews before they are released--so you get a jump on those books

Catalog Sales Rep
Mandarin Sales Contact (for annual renewal)
Grace Muñoz
Customer Service Representative
Mandarin Library Automation
PO Box 272308
Boca Raton, FL 33427-2308
800.426.7477 Ext. 405
561.995.4065 Ext. 405
DID: 561.807.7096
Fax: 561.935.4907

Database Sales Reps
EBSCO Discovery (Sales contact -- yearly subscriptions)

Matt Antonucci

Regional Sales Manager

EBSCO Information Services

10 Estes Street, Ipswich, MA  01938  USA

phone:(800)653-2726 ext 2356

fax: (978)356-5640

Infobase Learning (Facts on File)

Linda Usher
Regional Manager, Online Sales
Facts On File / Infobase Publishing
Phone:800-322-8755 x 4615
FAX; 212.613.2820

Lexis Nexis

Anne Borger

Client Manager

LexisNexis   |   Academic & Library Solutions

937-247-3350 Direct

24/7 Customer Support:  800-543-6862

NY Times Site License

Tara Risi 

Education Manager 

The New York Times 

(917) 364-4262

Social Explorer

Sarah Baxter
Institutional Sales Associate
Oxford University Press
2001 Evans Rd.
Cary, NC 27513
Toll free: 855-653-4132

Citation Manager

We have a yearly subscription to NoodleTools, with Google Apps ID integration and Added App from Marketplace (available in waffle through email)
It's inexpensive and a lot of kids like it; but most do not use. 
Here is access to the admin. information, accounts, renewal information, etc.

Noodlebib Admin URL

Admin Interface - login: admin2546 password: wotu3topa

Annual Tasks

Create student accounts  annually (do this by opening of school)
Delete old student accounts annually (do this at close of school)


Supplies Ordering (genre labels, spine stickers, etc.)

Purchases for 2017 - 2018 School Year

Renewal of EBSCO Discovery Service, ebooks, and Academic Search Complete July 1, 2016
Renewal of Noodletools through November 2017