Delete Old Student Library Accounts

Step 1
visit OPAC; select sign in and log in with admin + boca raton

Step 2
Select the arrow next to catalog, then cataloging tools

Step 3

At left menu, select Find/Replace.

Step 4

Select Year of Graduation from Search Criteria drop down menu.
Type in the graduating class year (ex. 2017)

Step 5

Choose Select All and every 2017 patron record will be checked off. Then select Delete All.

Step 6

All 2017 patron records will turn red, however they are flagged for deletion. In order to fully delete, choose Select All and then Purge Selected.*

*you can mark materials for deleting and opt to wait to purge until you are really sure. This is a great feature for patron records, holding records, and bibliographic records. If you do not purge, the items will remain flagged for deletion and will be rendered out of use.

To purge faculty and staff records, please search by their last name. You will have to do these individually, however, there shouldn't be more than 10 - 20 of these yearly, making it a pretty quick manually deletion.