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DIY Koolaid Lip Balm


4 Tbs Coconut Oil
3 Tbs Petroleum Jelly or Shea Butter* (*preferred)
1 Tbs Beeswax, shaved
A Squirt of kool-aid (we used the liquid variety but the powder works perfectly as well!)
A Small container (we re-purposed some empty Burt’s Bees containers)
Bowl (different bowls for different flavors)
Plastic spoons


Step 1

Mix first three ingredients in a microwave save bowl.

Step 2

After blended, heat for 1 minute. If you’re doing different colors, separate your mixture into different bowls.

Step 3

Mix in the kool-aid until desired color is reached.

Step 4

Pour mixture into your containers and pop it into the fridge for an hour or two.

Step 5

Paint the lid of each container to match the color found within it.

SVoila! Homemade Lip Balm.