New Student Laptop Configuration

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Step 1:
Add BCDSPUBLIC network to laptop's network connections

Step 1A [Mac OSX 10.8 And Above]:
Change security settings to "Anywhere"

Step 2:
Download and Install Chrome

Step 3:
Verify bookmarks for Chrome (powerschool, noodlebib, Bibliotech, e-mail) and installation of Chromecast

Step 4:
In settings, set "On Start Up" to "New Tab Page"

Step 5:
Download and Install latest version of Adobe Reader (XI)

Step 6:
Set Adobe as the default PDF reader

Step 7:
Log into Google Apps as the student user

Step 8:
Install Logger Pro and add to dock
Password: substance

Step 9:
Install Logger Pro Update

Step 10:
Install Library Printer Driver (Canon ir2535)
MAC (non Mavericks)
PC (64 bit)
PC (32 bit)

NOTE: Make sure to change Protocol from IPP to LPD

Step 11:
Install P3015 Drivers
(Other PC Drivers Here)

Step 12: Set up printers

Room 200-A: (3015)

Help Desk Color:

Winston: (2300)

Room 105: (2300)

Bibliotech: (ir2535)

Art Studio:


The Village:

Room 231:

Step 13:
Set up Cloud Printing
Install all printers

Step 14:
Download Audacity. Once unzipped, drag it to the Applications folder and add Audacity to the dock.
    Files: PC; MAC
    Web version: PC; MAC

Step 15:
Download and install Lame Mp3 Encoder. Change install destination to Audacity folder in the Applications folder
Files: PC; MAC
    Web version:   PC; MAC
Go to "Tracks" click on "Add New" and "audio track" and export the file to the desktop
Delete Files after finished

Step 16:
Log into WeVideo using this link:

Step 17:
Run Software Updates on laptop. Tell student the laptop will restart during the process and your session will be disconnected. Welcome to Beaver and we'll see you in the fall!

2016 Installation Checklist ‎[New Student Machine Configuration]‎