New Student Laptop Configuration

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Step 1:
Add BCDSPUBLIC network to laptop's network connections

Step 1A [Mac OSX 10.8 And Above]:
Change security settings to "Anywhere"

Step 2:
Download and Install Chrome

Step 3:
Verify bookmarks for Chrome (powerschool, Bibliotech, e-mail)

Step 4:
In settings, set "On Start Up" to "New Tab Page"

Step 5:

Step 6:
Set Adobe as the default PDF reader

Step 7:
Log into Google Apps as the student user

Step 8:
Install Logger Pro and add to dock
Password: substance

Step 9:
Install Logger Pro Update

Step 10:
Install Science Wing Printer Driver (Canon ir2535)
MAC (non Mavericks)
PC (64 bit)
PC (32 bit)

NOTE: Make sure to change Protocol from IPP to LPD

Step 11:
Install P3015 Drivers
(Other PC Drivers Here)

Step 12: Set up printers

Room 200-A: (3015)

Winston: (2300)

Room 105: (2300)

Bibliotech: (ir2535)

Art Studio: (3015)

Help Desk Color: (M252)

BR203: (2055dn)

The Village: (3015)

Room 231: (3015)

Step 13:
Set up Cloud Printing
Install all printers

Step 14:
Download Audacity. Once unzipped, drag it to the Applications folder and add Audacity to the dock.
    Files: PC; MAC
    Web version: PC; MAC

Step 15:
Download and install Lame Mp3 Encoder. Change install destination to Audacity folder in the Applications folder
Files: PC; MAC
    Web version:   PC; MAC
Go to "Tracks" click on "Add New" and "audio track" and export the file to the desktop
Delete Files after finished

Step 16:
Log into WeVideo using this link:

Step 17:
Run Software Updates on laptop. Welcome to Beaver and we'll see you in the fall!

2017 Installation Checklist ‎[New Student Machine Configuration]‎