Chrome’s New Tab Page

As you may or may not know, the iGoogle start page is going away in November, 2013.

Chrome has a built-in alternative called the New Tab page which you can set to be your start page and / or your Home page.  Here’s how:

First, make sure to check New Tab page under On Startup in Chrome’s settings.

You can also check Show Home Button under Appearance to make the New Tab page the default when you click the Home icon.

Now the New Tab page will open when you start Chrome, when you click Home, or when you open a new tab in your browser.


These are apps that you’ve downloaded from the Chrome App store.  A few are added for you by default.

Move Icons

You can reorder apps by dragging the icons, or you can drag an icon to the Label section to create new categories.

Label Section

When you start to drag an icon, a new Apps label is created in the Label section.  You can rename a label by double-clicking on it and typing a new name.

You can also see a list of most visited sites in the Label section.

Recently Closed

Shows a list of recently closed tabs

Chrome Web Store

You can access the Chrome Web store and install lots of free apps including Google Calendar, Google Drive, Twitter, Google Maps, and yes, Angry Birds.

If you need help setting up your New Tab page, come by the Help Desk!.