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Upper School Topic Guides

Your research projects need primary and secondary sources. Look through this list to see if we have developed a pathfinder that will guide you to resources in the BCDS library. Each pathfinder also contains some suggestions for resources you might want to look for in other libraries, specifically, the Boston Public Library system or the Minuteman Library system. You may also want to check out nearby colleges and universities. Most allow the public to use their libraries for research, although you probably will not be able to check out materials.


Installation art

Current events

Immigration issues
Ready reference or, Help! I need some quick answers!
The U.S. economy
Women's rights

Great Reads

The Library's Summer Pleasure Reading List


Junior history thesis
U.S. history, by era
Colonial Era and the Constitution
Civil War and Reconstruction
Progressive Era
The Great Depression
World War I
World War II
The U.S. and the Cold War

U.S history topics (A-Z)

African American history
Native American history
U.S. diplomatic history
The U.S. economy
Women's history

World history, by era

Prehistory: the dawn of humanity
The ancient world
The modern nation-state
The rise and fall of the British Empire
The Russian Revolution
World War I
The Holocaust
Modern Africa
Modern Asia
Modern China
Modern India
Modern Latin America

World history, by topics (A-Z)


Required Literature Courses