American Regions and Authors

Countless American authors throughout history have come to represent and embody a place in their writings. Their prose painted a picture of a particular place--whether that be the great American West, the deep South, or the Northeast. The examination of a particular American region through the lens of a writer can conjure up an endless number of questions about the country and its many identities. Some possible topics or regions to explore are:

the South
the western frontier
American identity vs. regional identity
the literary tools of regional writing: tone, language, dialect
regional stereotypes in American literature

We can't fit every resource about American regional literature on this list! A pathfinder is just the beginning of building your bibliography.

Reference material

This is the place to start any research project. Reference books offer short, authoritative information on every topic. These books must be used in the library and can be found on the first floor. Most contain bibliographies of important books on your topic.

Curley, Dorothy. (1969). A library of literary criticism : modern American literature. 4 Volumes. REF 810.9 C93 A 4-volume collection of criticisms on various authors. Includes bibliographies.
Parini, Jay. (2003). American writers : classics. 388 pages. REF 810.9 Am3 2003 v.1

Unger, Leonard. (1981). American writers : a collection of literary biographies. 4 Volumes. REF 810.9 Am3 A 4-volume collection (with 3 supplements) featuring biographies on various American writers, from Jack Kerouac to John Steinbeck.
Wilson, Charles Reagan & William Ferris. (1989). Encyclopedia of Southern culture. 4 volumes. REF 975.003 En1 1989 A 4-volume historical reference guide.


Books about and by American authors can be found in the 800's, particularly the 810s through 819s. You may however want to examine some books on history to support themes, eras, and regional writing styles in the fiction you are reading, and can find books on American history, found in the 973s, and politics, in the 320s. You may also want to examine society, its interactions, and groups, by looking at the 305s and 306s. Remember, it is important to check our catalog for books that may be located in other sections. Please be sure to check other American literature pathfinders for additional resources.

Brooks, Van Wyck. (1936). The flowering of New England, 1815-1865. 550 pages. 810.9 B79
Davidson, Marshall B. (1973). American heritage history of the writer's America. B10.9 D28
Lape, Noreen Groover. (2000). West of the border : the multicultural literature of the Western American frontiers. 224 pages. 810.9327 L31 2000
Lewis, David. (1994). The portable Harlem Renaissance reader. 744 pages. 810.8 P83 1994


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Electronic Texts in American Studies Comprehensive open-access to documents, primary sources, and literature on American life at the University of Nebraska Libraries.
Library of Southern Literature: Documenting the American South A digital library of southern writing prior to 1924 housed at the University of North Carolina.
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Southern Spaces An overview of southern literature by genre at the Emory University Digital Library.

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