Immigration Issues

The United States is a melting pot of diverse people and cultures. Immigration has been at the forefront of the country's history and continues to be an important issue today. This finding tool will help you conduct research on immigration issues in America and find useful statistics on immigration for your project.

We can't fit every resource about the Latino immigration to the United States on to this list! A pathfinder is just the beginning of building your bibliography.
Reference materials


This is the place to start any research project. Reference books offer short, authoritative information on every topic. These books must be used in the library. Most contain bibliographies of important books on your topic.

Brownstone, David and Frank, Irene. (2001). Facts about American Immigration. 818 pages. REF 304.873 B82 2001 1 volume with index. Includes list of resources available on the internet, as well as narrative on immigration, its laws, and includes statistics. See: immigration or foreign born or Hispanic Americans or Hispaniola.
Flanders, Stephen. (1998). Atlas of American Migration. 214 pages. REF 304.8 At6 1 volume with index. See: Immigration; specific immigrant groups and countries of origin.
Heaton, Tim. (2000). Statistical handbook on racial groups in the United States. 355 pages. REF 305.8 St2 1 volume with index. See: Hispanics and Immigration and ancestry for data on regions and state destinations of immigrants.
Kanellos, Nicholas. (1993). The Hispanic-American Almanac. 780 pages. REF 305.868 K13 1993 Includes alphabetical biographies on prominent Hispanic Americans as well as Hispanic Immigrants to the United States. 1 volume with index.
Lin, Ann Chih. (2002). Immigration. 291 pages. REF 325.73 Im6 2002 1 volume with index.


Books about immigration can be found in the 300s--mainly the 304s, 305s and 325s. For the history of immigration, look under 973.04s. Be sure to search the catalog for United States--Emigration and Immigration and United States--Emigration and Immigration--Government Policy because these books are often scattered about the library. For more specific books on Latino immigration, also search the catalog for Hispanic Americans--Social Conditions and Mexican American--Social Conditions or United States--Ethnic Relations.

Gerdes, Louise. (2005). Current Controversies Series...Immigration. 244 pages. 325.73 Im6 2005
Engfer, Lee. (2005). Cubans in America. 80 pages. 973.0468 En3 2005
Ramos, Jorge. (2006). La otra cara de América : historias de los inmigrantes latinoamericanos que están cambiando a Estados Unidos. 268 pages. 305.8680 73 RAM (Spanish Language)


General Reference Center Gold Use to find full-text articles on immigration, immigration law, and information on opposition to immigration. Search: Emigration or Immigration or Anti-Immigration or Immigration AND Latino or Immigration AND Hispanic.
Issues and Controversies and Issues and Controversies in American History Use these two databases to find articles on the controversy surrounding US immigration and illegal immigrants.
SIRS Use to find articles on immigration, immigration law, and information on opposition to immigration. Search: Immigration or Anti-Immigration.

Internet sites

2008 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics Data released by the US Department of Homeland Security. Provides links to local resources for cities and states, as well as laws, news, and definitions.
American FactFinder The US Census Bureau's site. It provides geographic, population, housing, and economic census data on every state. You can search by city and state or examine quick Fact Sheets.
Migration Information Source A website dedicated to collecting data from world organizations and scholars on migrations, immigration, and refugees throughout the world run by the Migration Policy Institute. (Linked directly to the section on US Immigration)
US Citizen and Immigration Services This government agency enforces laws and provides information and official documents for individuals seeking to immigrate to America. Includes information on illegal immigration.

BPL: electronic resources

TOPIC Search**: A database with access to articles on a wide-range of popular topics, including social, political, and economic issues.

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