Installation Art

Installation art is a contemporary genre that transforms a particular room or space into a three-dimensional work of art. It can exist in galleries or in everyday public spaces and can include all types of mediums, from natural materials to new media (audio, visual, performance.) It pushes past the boundaries of traditional visual art like painting and sculpture. Some possible areas of installation art to explore include:

Influences of Russian constructivism, German Bauhaus, and Dutch De Stijl
Early installation art: Marcel DuChamp and Kurt Schwitters
The 1970s and art as a direct response to environment
Contemporary installation artists
Interactive installation art.

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"My Bed" by Tracey Emin, 1999

Reference materials

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General books on art can be found in the 700s. For art history and types of art through the ages, check the 709s. You may also want to examine the 745s, which have some books on design and architecture that may help in your research on installation.

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Artstor You can find images and art. For a broad search, use keyword installation. You can also browse by genre or artist.
Gale Expanded Academic ASAP Search for articles, magazines, books, and news using the subject installation art.
Gale Reference Center Gold Thousands of full-text articles and other resources on numerous subjects. Do a subject search for installation art to find articles and books. You can also do artist specific searches for more specific results.
SIRS Renaissance Search for full-text articles on art, design, and culture. For general articles, do a subject headings search for Installations(Art). For specific artist searches, use a natural language search for the artist's name.

Internet sites

Installation Art and Artists Hosted at, an overview of installation and the most influential artists in the genre.
Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art State museum dedicated to contemporary art. Search for "installation" at the site for information on artists who have produced installation pieces for the museum.
The Mattress Factory Pittsburgh's contemporary art museum dedicated to in-residence installation artists who create room-sized environments.
Open Directory: Installation Artists An alphabetical list of installation artists, with brief bios and links at the Open Directory Project.
Open Directory: Sculpture Installation An alphabetical list of sculpture installation artists, with brief bios and links at the Open Directory Project.


Maysles, Albert. (2004). Five films about Christo and Jeanne-Claude. 3 DVDs. DVD 709.22 F58 2004

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Art Bibliographies Modern: A vast resource of articles on modern art: from impressionism onwards.
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JSTOR: Access to hundreds of scholarly journals with full-text articles on many subjects, including art.

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