Modern Asia

We can't fit every resource about modern Asia on to this list! A topic guide is just the beginning of building your bibliography.

Reference materials

This is the place to start any research project. Reference resources offer short, authoritative information on every topic. Reference books must be used in the library. Most contain bibliographies of important books on your topic. A good first stop would be any of the standard print encyclopedias in the Beaver collection: Encyclopedia Americana, World Book or Britannica.


DeFronzo, James. (2006). Revolutionary movements in world history. REF 303.64 REV A 3 volume set.
Gale Group. History behind the headlines. REF 909 H62 2001 3 volume set.
Gin, Ooi. Southeast Asia: a historical encyclopedia. REF 959.003 SOU 3 volume set.
Herb, G. and Kaplan, D. ( 2008). Nations and nationalism: a global historical overview. REF 320.54 NAT 4 volume set with olive-green spines.


Britannica Online Great for pre-search and primary sources, including speeches, essays, biographies, court decisions, editorials and photos.
Gale Virtual Reference Library
General Reference Center Gold
Routledge Reference Resources


Books about the history of modern Asia can be found at around . Search the catalog using individual country in which you are interested. Biographies can be found at 921, listed alphabetically by the subject's last name; for example, a biography on Aung San Suu Kyi (a Burmese dissident) would carry the call number: 921 AUNG.

Caputo, Philip. 10,000 days of thunder: a history of the Vietnam War. 959.7 C17 2005. 128 pages.
Fiefer, Gregory. The great gamble: the Soviet war in Afghanistan. 958.104 FEI 307 pages.
Wild, Mary. Phillipines. 959.9 WIL 112 pages.


For these Gale Group Resources, click on the Browse subjects tab and type in the name of your country. See if one of the subject headings used by these database works for your research.
Biography In Context For information on famous people associated with the Arab-Israeli conflict. Search by the person's last name.
Expanded Academic ASAP
Student Edition
World History In Context
History Study Center
Issues and Controversies
SIRS Researcher

Internet resources

Asia for educators Timeline of Asian history.
CIA World Factbook Authoritative information, statistics, maps for every country in the world.
History Net Allows access to a series of history magazines, with full text. Especially good for Vietnam.
Library of Congress country studies

BPL resources

Credo Reference
PAIS International

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