News is what's happening right now, today. Traditional, objective resources for information (books, encyclopedias, a peer-reviewed journal article) won't help and finding current, authoritative expertise can be a challenge. Look for sources that embody true journalistic values. These would include:

a commitment to truth and objectivity; if a source is stating a personal opinion, this is clearly indicated (for example, on an editorial page, or in a byline)
an adequate level of editorial oversight
the verification of quotes and sources
if the source is for profit, there is a clear division between editorial content and economic goals. The news staff is free to pursue every story. The publisher does not pay for celebrity interviews or photos; this compromises journalistic integrity and independence.

We can't put every news source on to this pathfinder! This is just meant to get you started. Develop and bookmark your own, personal list of dependable news sources that reflect your interests.


World News Digest


All newspapers now have a web presence as well (or instead of) a daily printed edition. Newspapers viewed online are considered print resources. This is just a small selection of what are considered "papers of record":
Internet Public Library To find reputable newspapers for a particular state in the U.S. or in a particular country, follow this pathfinder.
The New York Times
The People's Daily An English-language version of the state-sponsored newspaper of China. This site often loads slowly; be patient.
The Times A major British daily newspaper.

Government and non-profit news sources
BBC Home of the British Broadcasting Service. A good source for international coverage.
National Public Radio (NPR) Another good source for international news and stories not covered by commercial news outlets. You can also search individual news shows (All Things Considered, Marketplace) or get transcripts. NPR is a non-profit institution.
Propublica ProPublica is an independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest. Find federal news and press releases, RSS feeds, e-mail newsletters, and more.

Television and radio news outlets (for profit)

Al Jazeera The English-language version of this source for news in the Arabic-speaking world.
Fox News

Online news sources

Christian Science Monitor A highly respected newspaper that now exists only as an online presence.
The Daily Beast A slightly less serious British site with blogs and opinions in addition to hard news.
Environmental News Network A for-profit news outlet for stories on the environment. Almost every special interest group has its own web news source; remember, these sites do not necessarily embody journalistic values.
Google -- Google also provides news aggregating services. Watch video feed or connect to print stories by looking at these Google maps. Newsmap Newsmap is an application that visually reflects the constantly changing landscape of the Google News news aggregator.
Newser An aggregator. It finds news from many different sources and reduces important stories to a headline, a picture and two paragraphs. Good for a short introduction to breaking stories.

News spoofs

It's not always easy to distinguish fact from fiction. Some online spoof sites look very real, and some legitimate news sources have made unfortunate graphic design decisions that make them look pretty cheesy. These sites are motivated by humor, not journalistic objectivity or accuracy.
Ironic Times
Not the L.A. Times
The Onion