Generate a list of search terms that will help you find information on or images of superheroes. For example, you can search for superheroes, but you might also want to try:
comics, comic strips or comic books. graphic novels, 
the name of the company that owns the rights to your superhero: Marvel, DC, Dark Horse
the name of your superhero, his or her nemesis, his colleagues: Wolverine, X-Men, Magneto

We can't fit every resource about superheroes on to this list! A pathfinder is just the beginning of building your bibliography.


This is the place to start any research project. Reference books offer short, authoritative information on every topic. These books must be used in the library. Most contain bibliographies of important books on your topic. A good first stop would be any of the standard encyclopedias in the Beaver collection: Encyclopedia Americana, World Book or Britannica.


Britannica Online
Gale Virtual Reference Library Through this resource, you can search the St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture, which has great information on superheroes. One box searching for superheroes will take you to a list of these articles.
World Book Online (on-campus use only)


Bondi, Victor,ed. (1995). American decades. REF 973.918 Am3 1995 One volume for each decade of the 20th century. Check the indexes at the back of each volume.
Korn, Jerry, ed. (1969). This fabulous century. REF 973.917 T48 One volume per decade of the 20th century. Check the indexes at the back of each volume.


Books on comics can be found at 741.5 (700s are arts). Here you ca find books about the history of comics, comics around the world and how to draw and write comics.

Marschall, Richard. (1989). America's great comic-strip artists. 741.5 M35 1989 Look for a very large book. 295 pages.
McCloud, Scott. (2000). Reinventing comics: how imagination and technology are revolutionizing an art form. 741.5 M13 2000. All about comics, told as a graphic novel. 238 pages.
Pilcher and Brooks. (2005). The essential guide to world comics. 741.5 P64 2005 319 pages.


Artstor For images of superheroes. Must be used on campus.
Issues and Controversies For articles on controversy and discussion of comic books and superheros.

Internet sites

If you are interested in a particular superhero, try searching for the publisher of his or her series. All major comics publishers (D.C., Marvel, even independent publishers) have a web presence.
International catalog of superheros Interested in a superhero from outside the United States? Check for him or her on this website.
Metropolitan Museum of Art Images from an exhibit on superhero costumes.
The Museum of Black Superheroes A virtual museum with images and information on African-American superheroes.
Superhero database Search by your character's name and so much more. This great site also allows you to search for all superheroes by powers (who has fire resistance, who can control minds) and by team (whose in the Bad Girls? the Watchmen?)

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