The Modern Nation State

Some possible research questions:

Eugene Victor Debs was a labor organizer and a Socialist Party candidate for U.S. president five times between 1900 and 1920.

What defines a nation? Its geography? Its language? Its system of government?

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Reference materials
This is the place to start any research project. Reference books offer short, authoritative information on every topic and must be used in the library. Most contain bibliographies of important books on your topic. Start with the standard encyclopedias in the Beaver collection: Encyclopedia Americana, World Book or Britannica. Reference books on geography, including atlases, will be found at REF 910, 911 and 912.


Bingham, Jame, ed. (2001). The Usborne Internet-linked encyclopedia of world history. REF 901 B51 2001
Gale Group. (2001). History behind the headlines: the origins of conflicts worldwide. REF 909 H62 2001
Herb, G. and Kaplan, D. ( 2008). Nations and nationalism: a global historical overview. REF 320.54 NAT 4 volume set with olive-green spines. This is an excellent new addition to the BCDS library.
National Geographic Society. (1993). Exploring your world. REF 910 Ex7 An illustrated dictionary of geographic terms.


Encyclopedia Britannica on nation-states


For defining terms and for information on geography or individual countries::
Facts on File: Modern World History Online Enter nation-state into the search box. Your first hit will be a definition of the term from the Encyclopedia of the United Nations.

Internet sites

CIA Factbook Every country in the world at you fingertips. You can look at geography, trade, languages, customs, flags, government, military resources, etc.
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy A definition of nationalism in its many varieties and an overview of moral issues connected to nationalism.


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