Setting Up YouTube

1. Visit Youtube and log into your Beaver Google Apps Account. 
    (NOTE: you must include the

2a. If you have no created a YouTube account associated with your Beaver Email Address before, you will next be prompted to "Create a New Account". Go through the Set Up Process. 

2b. If you have previously created a YouTube account associated with your Beaver Email Address, you will need to update your account. This is a result of the transition of your Google Apps user accounts to more standard Google user accounts. If you need to update your account, you will be prompted to "Get Started". 

4. Click on the "Get Started" button located at the bottom of the page to begin transitioning your account. 

5. Once you are logged into your account, click on the yellow Upload Video button to upload raw video, which is located on the top of the YouTube home page.  

6. While your video is uploading, fill out a title, description, and tags for the video. It's important you also set Privacy Settings based on who you want to be able to view your video. The options include:
  • Private
  • Only available to those who have the link
  • Public

7. Once your video is processed, it will be available for view on YouTube. You can locate it under your "My Videos" section. Click the "My Videos" link, located in the top right corner of any YouTube page.

Next Steps? For quick and basic editing projects, learn how to use the YouTube Video Editor.