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► Finding and Evaluating Popular Science Sources

Your turn! There are two sets of sources below. For either Set 1 or Set 2, see what you can find out about the source and its reputation. Would you use the source for research? Why or why not? If you do use it, what would you want to keep in mind as you read?

Set 1:

Set 2:


Next task! You've found a source you like. As you read, you want to pay attention to where the information is coming from, and learn more about the experts and institutions they're citing. Skim the article below and identify what experts and sources are being cited. Look up the experts being cited to learn more.

Can We Turn Down the Temperature on Urban Heat Islands?

As you skim, look for names and links. You can also look for words like:

  • Published
  • According to
  • Reports
  • Finds/finding/found
  • Has determined
  • Identifies
  • Impacts 
  • Causes


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