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R+D Collaborations Process

The R+D Team is very excited to collaborate with you! There are a number of ways we can collaborate to incorporate research and design aspects that enhance, engage and/or extend your student learning goals.

Step 1: Let us know what you're thinking

  • Tell us a little bit about the ways you're interested in collaborating by completing this short in-take form (5min). You can see a PDF of the in-take form here.
  • Check out the Triple E Framework below to learn more about ways technology (in all of its many iterations) can be used to engage, enhance and/or extend student learning. Thank you Dr. Kolb!
  • The R+D Team will review your request and send a follow-up note within 24hrs.

Step 2: Get collaborating

  • You'll be paired with an R+D team member that will meet with you 1:1 to further flesh out your ideas.
  • Together, you can determine the best R+D resources (people, space, materials, tools, etc.) to help you achieve your goals. 

Step 3: Execute an awesome student learning experience!

Have questions about this process? Email Blake at 

R+D Team Members

RD Guiding Principles

R+D Inventory

Triple E Framework

The R+D Team is inspired by Dr. Kolb's work on the Triple E Framework which you can learn more about in their book, Teaching First, Technology Second (available in the faculty room) or on their website,

Check out the questions below for inspiration on ways to leverage technology in your teaching. The R+D Team is happy to brainstorm more ideas in our collaboration!